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Auto-Doors Automatic Door Opener / Closer

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:03 am
by seventhz777z
Here is what I have been thinking.

You will need a door popper kit that are common for shaved handle options. Anyone know how much pounds of force is needed for KITTs doors? I guessed at 15lbs.

A spring or Linear Actuator to push/swing the door open. Preferably slowly or with some sort of control. No one wants to have the door open into the car parked next to them. I have heard that car manufacturers are incorporating LIDAR to sense any object next to the car so it would not hit it.

If the door was on a Linear Actuator then it could pull it close, then finally, use Slamstop to pull the door firmly closed.

I have just recently seen Tesla's Automatic doors in action. Their Auto-Doors was developed by Hoerbiger, but have since switched to a new company.

I am wondering if anyone has successfully been able to incorporate Auto-Doors into their KITT replica. I have seen American Garage's video and he mentioned he uses a spring and electromagnets. What have you done?