Which Car stereo to buy? In my opinion

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Re: Which Car stereo to buy? In my opinion

Postby Vancouver KITT » Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:39 pm

I'm currently looking into a new modern stereo - it's now mid 2017 - do we have any new suggestions for something bluetooth/USB - multiple audio source inputs?

I'll post what I find as i have just started really looking around.

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Re: Which Car stereo to buy? In my opinion

Postby stillgrowingup » Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:40 pm

There's really is no update ...

There are 2 different size radio's for us to use in our cars.
The stock size is called ... 1 1/2 Din size
The other smaller size is called ... 1 Din Size

It is rare to find any stock 1 1/2 Din size radios in the aftermarket world. Add the fact you want a DVD player and multiple inputs built into the radio. Not going to find it :(

But with the single Din Size, you do have options. I like the current 2017 radio model, JVC KD-AV41BT.

This model has Bluetooth 3.0, Built-in DVD/CD player, Front 3.5mm Audio Jack, USB reader (Play Video from the USB), Video input Composite in the Rear AND Video output to your KITT dash Screen(s) ... BUT ... NOT MULTIPLE AUDIO INPUTS. This is a good unit and less than $200 :)

The next 2 radios are called Digital Media Receivers. Both are under $100.
(2017 Model) JVC KD-X340BTS ... http://mobile.jvc.com/indashreceivers/kd_x340bts/
(2016 Model) JVC KD-X330BTS ... http://mobile.jvc.com/indashreceivers/kd_x330bts/

They do NOT have a disc player. That means NO CD or DVD player ... Radio, Bluetooth, USB or Front 3.5mm aux jack is how audio will be played. These radios have
more to offer when it comes sound quality when using external amplifiers.

Because these radio do NOT have an internal DVD/CD mechanism. They are shorter in length by 3 inches. Which means more room for all the wires behind the radio and can still fit flush within the dash! :)

The difference between the two models are slight.
The 2017 Model JVC KD-X340BTS offers
3 dedicated Rear Pre-OUT ... Front, Rear and Subwoofer
Compatible with smartphone JVC control app

The 2016 Model JVC KD-X330BTS
Wireless Remote
Compatible with older Apple devices

If you are looking for an alternative way to display videos on your KITT dash. I do sell a video playback module that can play a video by a push of a button. The audio can be played through any of the above radio front AUX 3.5mm jack. Here is my Demo video ... https://youtu.be/dfySRsW6CKk


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Re: Which Car stereo to buy? In my opinion

Postby Rafael » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:42 am

Those "multimedia" decks with no cd players can be good options...
Ultimately, you need to pick a deck that meets your needs...
Are you going to have a computer? Do you need to play CD/DVD's? Do you need Aux or USB inputs?, Are you going to run to an external amp? Etc...

I have a pioneer deck with 2 USB inputs and an aux jack... Since I have a car PC, I'll run the PC into the aux input since I've ripped most of the CD's / DVD's I want already on the hard drive. I also have a slim DVD player if need be that hooks up via USB to the PC... I'll use one of the USB ports for MP3's (so I can just play them without starting PC) and the other for a charging cable for phone, etc...

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