Muuhhaahhaa! What do we have here ?!?

A place to b*tch and moan about things no one else cares about.
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Muuhhaahhaa! What do we have here ?!?

Postby Rafael » Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:40 pm

A place to bitch & moan that no one cares about?


I am the first person to post, and the first viewer !!!

Dammit... Uh, admin... I just noticed what's missing...

Can I have a "Lock This Thread" button?

Please ?

Dammit, just one more thing....
Can I also get a "Delete This Message" button?

I promise... that's all I'll ask for...


Ok, really... one last thing....I promise, NO MORE REQUESTS.... I'll be your best bud!

Can I have a "Banish" Button ???

That would be really cool... I promise not to abuse it... too much.... :)

In the mean time, let's pretend it's locked.... so PM me... DO NOT REPLY HERE!

I want it to look like I'm talking to myself... you know... "I'm schizophrenic & so am I!" kinda thing :)

How many views can we get ???

Really.. PLEASE DO NOT POST in this thread until it's locked...
After it's locked, feel free to post... I really (not) want to hear what you think... it's really cathartic for myself...
Or I'll be forced to go to My Face, or Facebook, or My Space, or what ever those whipper snappers are using today....

Definition: cathartic...
"providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis."
I borrowed that definition from Wiki... it was right before to CNC Machine & pictures of one!

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