16 DTMF Tone Gen!

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16 DTMF Tone Gen!

Postby Ky88KITT » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:30 am

OK Tone Gens are hard to come by, Jupiter sells a OLD 4 tone design...Andrea from ZA Eletronica and I feel Better can be done...what we have in mind. 16 DTMF tones (1 to 9; * to #; A to D), randomly activated by a negative signal (I will add a positive input too).
Will use a 10W amplifier like the one I use on my turbines with adjustable volume.
The whole project will be developed in SMD technology and will be the size of a cigarette pack (or even smaller) The project will cost $65 shipped worldwide if we can reach at least 20 pieces ordered. Let me know if your interested, and ready to pay..only a few more to begin this project

Scott Benson 2 pcs
Richie Cunningham 2 pcs
Mike Pedersen 2 pcs
David Kiss 2 pcs
Paul Cullen 1 pc
Heath Howell 1 pc
Frank Nuzum 1 pc
Joe Huth 1 pc
Harold Johnson 2 pcs
Pieces ordered so far: 14

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