Knight Rider 4,841 WAV / MP3 File Collection...

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Knight Rider 4,841 WAV / MP3 File Collection...

Postby Rafael » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:02 am

I just updated this, price on eBay is $60 due to their fees / Paypal, etc...
If you contact me through here, $50....

Here is the ebay link for full details... ... 1555.l2649

Here is a copy / paste of info in Ebay, but may need to go to ebay to activate links / see video / pics, etc...


Do you own a Kitt replica?


Do you own a Kitt replica that responds to
ANYONE’S voice commands (no training needed)
in Kitt’s actual voice?


Check out my video below…

Demo in fully working Kitt Replica

I spent over 300 hours working on this project & making it available to other Knight Ride enthusiasts, so not only could they have the most amazing Kitt replica in the world, but also make it come to life…
Includes files for Both Karr Episodes!

I began by going through each episode, 2 hour movie, and many extras. That alone was 100+ hours. I made a “raw” audio file which I included at the end of each episode. These were captured digitally, directly from DVD to Wav Editing software. Any noises, such as door slamming, between phrases were eliminated, each sample was faded in and then faded out. Each audio file was “normalized”, which amplified the quiet recordings to a louder, more usable sound. After doing this for the 100+ hours of audio, now were into the 200+ hour range, I ended up having 4,841 files. Then I spend even more time TYPING UP EACH OF THE 4,841 PHRASES. I named and typed up each file name, for each episode & season, in the order in which they appear.

I ended up with a document that was 187 pages long.

So now, most of the hard work on the most amazing & best quality Knight Rider phrase collection is complete. Now I need the software to make it all happen. I collected 5 various shareware programs to make this happen. I tested all of them and wrote out specific instructions on how to do exactly what you see in the video…
Of course, the Kitt replica is optional.
Even the Car Computer is Optional!
But to take full advantage of this item, you will need a car computer
running Windows XP, Vista r Win 7, 8 or 10!

If you don't have a car computer, that's fine!
You Don't Need One!
You have other options !!!

Let's first discuss how you can recreate what you saw above. This will require a car computer.
Later, we'll get into what these additional programs & benefits this package has to offer
& what options you have if you do not have a car computer.

The conversation you saw above is an actual one that requires a car computer...
The voice recognition program will let you speak commands to your computer
via microphone and it will respond with whatever wav or mp3 file you tell it to.
You have to create the voice commands (type in the phrase to respond to)
and then tell the program which wav / mp3 file to play as a response.
Full Step by Step Instructions Included!


with Drop Box!

Yes, if you win the auction, once payment is received,

I will send you an invite to download the files to your computer via the internet,

instead of waiting days or weeks to get them in the mail...

Additional Notes: This auction is for files / software...
No hardware, Voice Box, Car Computer, Knight Rider Dashboard, or Pontiac Firebird is included...

This Auction includes 4,841 Phrases & Sound FX
from the Entire 4 Seasons + Movies & Extras!
A COMPLETE Collection!

They are organized in a folder for each episode, per season,
in the order in which they appeared, a screen shot is seen below...


Along with this, you get a 187 page text document of all the listed
Phrases and FX so you can do a search and find a any phrase or word quickly!

Included in this auction are 5 Programs & instructions
on how to set them up to make your
Kitt replica come to life as see in the video above!

All of these programs are shareware / freeware

The programs included in this collection compliment each other & your Knight Rider replica.

Programs include:

1. Wav Editing Program
2. MP3 Encoder
3. Random Wav Player - Great for Car Shows or Just Showing Off!
4. Quick Wav Player
5. Speech Recognition program that responds to what wav files you choose / own.

NOTE - The Speech Recognition program is Voice Attack or E-Speaking.
A file is provided for a free demo of this software, or go to &
If you choose to buy it, the full version is $10 for Voice Attack or $14 for E-Speaking,
Note: I personally prefer Voice Attack.
VoiceAttack works in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
E-Speaking does work in Win 8, 7, Vista & XP

Another example of what you can do with these programs...

The FREEWARE WAV Editing program is capable of removing "noise" from your WAV files.
Here is an audio sample of Kitt’s first introduction.
The first sample is “AS IS” with noise included...
The second part, is the same WAV, but I used the WAV Editing program to remove the noise.
Pretty Amazing! This is included and instructions are also provided!

A visual of what it looks like… The top one has thick lines between the words spoken (noise).
The one on the bottom is really cleaned up!


So you don't have a car computer?

You Don't Need One!!!

You can pick and chose from ALL 4,841 phrases and sound FX that YOU want!
You can custom make your own audio CD's that play in your car stereo
& setup Kitt Talking and saying "random" messages or even setup a "conversation"
so it seems like you and Kitt are talking!

Here is a quick sample of a "rehearsed dialog" I created....

Using the included 187 page document of ALL the phrases,
I found the phrases I wanted and I used the included WAV editing program to create a simulated "dialog".
You would create a WAV file, then record this as you would a music CD,
that plays in your car stereo & then "talk" the rehearsed conversation with Kitt.

I ask Kitt, "Hey, do your Karr Impersonation....
Kitt says, "Must I?".... I say, "Yes!"
Kitt says, "Oh, very well" and does his Karr impersonation...
I tell him, "Do the rest!" and he snipes back,
"Good Heavens, &I thought Michael was difficult" & proceeds to do the rest...
Options are endless, it's up to you and your creativity.

Another option... Have a Bluetooth Enabled SmartPhone?
Copy mp3 files to it, and they will play via your Bluetooth Enabled Car stereo at your command!

So you can create your own custom audio CD's!
I have included instructions on how to add silence between phrases and
have also created 4 "blank space files" so that you can make a custom audio CD
of phrases and put in 15, 30, 45 or 1 minute blank spots between phrases!
You could easily put well over 150 phrases on one CD.
General instructions are provided on how to create an audio CD.
(Keep in mind, there are hundreds of audio CD programs, that's why instructions are "general".)

I'm still amazed that people pay up to $35+ for a couple CD's with phrases
but for less than double, you can have them ALL + great programs & Instructions!

And really, look at the other seller's ads... Professional, huh?
My ad has Videos / Pics / Screen Shots of this actual product!
My product comes with ALL the Programs you need & Instructions
to do exactly what you see here!
Hmm...$25 (AND $10+ FOR SHIPPING) for 100 Phrases or $60 for almost 5,000 Phrases!
You do the math...

Make your replica come to life!

What are you waiting for?

Make the Kitt you've always dreamed of!

Any Questions ? Drop me a note!


with Drop Box!

Yes, if you win the auction, once payment is received,

I will send you an invite to download the files to your computer via the internet,

instead of waiting days or weeks to get them in the mail...


Download ONLY !!!

Additional Notes: This auction is for files...

No hardware, Voice Box, Car Computer, Knight Rider Dashboard, or Pontiac Firebird is included...

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