KITT for sale (netherlands)

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KITT for sale (netherlands)

Postby jasper1978 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:09 pm

due to circumstances i am selling my knight rider replica.
basis is a black TA t-top from 1982.
305 crossfire injection (stock) approx 155k miles on the engine
has all the correct parts.
Joe Penko S2 nose cone
2 tv knight passions dash including functional knight rider world electrics (jupiter PNAP functional)
knight rider world lower console(handbrake free) incl jupiter S2 buttons
knightpassions upper console (jupiter narrow buttons/ ejection display
Lectric enterprises halogen scanner bar
dual mediaplayers playing knightrider grafics, clips
including 4200 kitt phrases playing through internal and external speaker
Hawks PMD upholstery set
15 inch Turbocast incl caps
knightpassions gullwing with grooves
knight passions switchpod with 2 led buttons
new tan carpet
Knight passions blackout
new headliner
tan seatbelts
spray painted tan interior plastics.
electrics run on 2 seperate battery's in the hatch area, or on the main battery.
has a retractable front license plate
Billy gunter lighted gaspedal
knight license plate 2x
just past the "dutch" MOT inspection
appraisel report 1 year old, valued at 17,5k euro, without lower and upper console
good tires

looking at around 12k euro /10k GBP

I will not part this car out!!!!!!!!!
if interested contact me @

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