August 2017 Roll Call

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August 2017 Roll Call

Postby Pac-Man » Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:15 am

There are three goals with these Roll Call threads:

:arrow: To engage as many members as possible and get a feel for how active the board is

Let's create some activity on this board...this place could and should be hopping!

:arrow: To encourage more regular progress posts
Even if you don't have any updates to share....let us know you are alive and well. :) Lurkers, this means you too!

:arrow: To serve as a reminder to update your listing on The Ultimate Knight Rider Map
Remember that you can add pictures, videos, web site links, or just update the text to reflect where you are with your project.

These Roll Calls will always be at the first of the month, but you can check in at any time during the month.
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Re: August 2017 Roll Call

Postby luvKITT » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:25 pm

I'm here. Not going to make it to Southern Knights this year. I am in the middle of buying and selling homes. Hopefully the new place we can get more done. The place we have now is too much land to keep up and don't have enough time or a good place to work on the cars. Next place has a little less land, attached 2 car carport if we need to work on them until we get a garage. If Southern Knights is held next year my 84 should be there and hopefully the Semi.

Post from a few days ago:
Well Danny and I checked my 84 and it doesn't seem to need ball joints or barrings, it didn't even move checking them, up and down. Now we did check side to side and what we figured out is it needs tie rods. Got some moog inner and outer tie rod ends and the sleeves. Will have that done soon. I did however find out my Ram needs ball joints...ugh...but just turned to 200K so I guess it would need them.

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Re: August 2017 Roll Call

Postby Stevie mark » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:52 pm

Stevie mark on board.....

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